Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Randall Martin
Not Peer Reviewed

Anthony and Cleopatra (Folio 1, 1623)

The Tragedie of Anthony and Cleopatra.
Dol. Oh sir, you are too sure an Augurer:
That you did feare, is done.
sar. Brauest at the last,
3600She leuell'd at our purposes, and being Royall
Tooke her owne way: the manner of their deaths,
I do not see them bleede.
Dol. Who was last with them?
1. Guard. A simple Countryman, that broght hir Figs:
3605This was his Basket.
sar. Poyson'd then.
1. Guard. Oh sar:
This Charmian liu'd but now, she stood and spake:
I found her trimming vp the Diadem;
3610On her dead Mistris tremblingly she stood,
And on the sodaine dropt.
sar. Oh Noble weakenesse:
If they had swallow'd poyson, 'twould appeare
By externall swelling: but she lookes like sleepe,
3615As she would catch another Anthony
In her strong toyle of Grace.

Dol. Heere on her brest,
There is a vent of Bloud, and something blowne,
The like is on her Arme.
36201. Guard. This is an Aspickes traile,
And these Figge-leaues haue slime vpon them, such
As th'Aspicke leaues vpon the Caues of Nyle.
sar. Most probable
That so she dyed: for her Physitian tels mee
3625She hath pursu'de Conclusions infinite
Of easie wayes to dye. Take vp her bed,
And beare her Women from the Monument,
She shall be buried by her Anthony.
No Graue vpon the earth shall clip in it
3630A payre so famous: high euents as these
Strike those that make them: and their Story is
No lesse in pitty, then his Glory which
Brought them to be lamented. Our Army shall
In solemne shew, attend this Funerall,
3635And then to Rome. Come Dolabella, see
High Order, in this great Solmemnity.
Exeunt omnes