Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Grechen Minton
Not Peer Reviewed

Much Ado About Nothing (Quarto 1, 1600)

Much adoe
dicke, God giue me patience.
980Leonato She doth indeed, my daughter saies so, and the ex-
tasie hath so much ouerborne her, that my daughter is some-
time afeard shee will doe a desperate out-rage to her selfe, it is
very true.
Prince It were good that Benedicke knew of it by some o-
985ther, if she will not discouer it.
Claudio To what end: he would make but a sport of it, and
torment the poore Lady worse.
Prince And he should, it were an almes to hang him, shees
an excellent sweete lady, and (out of all suspition,) she is vertu-
Claudio And she is exceeding wise.
Prince In euery thing but in louing Benedicke.
Leonato O my Lord, wisedome and blood combating in
so tender a body, we haue ten proofes to one, that bloud hath
995the victory, I am sory for her, as I haue iust cause, beeing her
vncle, and her gardian.
Prince I would shee had bestowed this dotage on mee, I
would haue daft all other respects, and made her halfe my self:
I pray you tell Benedicke of it, and heare what a will say.
Leonato Were it good thinke you?
Claudio Hero thinkes surely she will die, for she sayes shee
will die, if he loue her not, and shee will die ere shee make her
loue knowne, and she will die if he wooe her, rather than shee
1005will bate one breath of her accustomed crosnesse.
Prince She doth well, if shee shoulde make tender of her
loue, tis very possible heele scorne it, for the man (as you know
all) hath a contemptible spirite.
1010Claudio He is a very proper man.
Prince He hath indeede a good outward happines.
Claudio Before God, and in my mind, very wise.
Prince Hee dooth indeede shew some sparkes that are like
1015Claudio And I take him to be valiant.
Prince As Hector, I assure you, and in the mannaging of
quarrels you may say he is wise, for either hee auoydes them