Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Grechen Minton
Not Peer Reviewed

Much Ado About Nothing (Quarto 1, 1600)

about Nothing.
Bor Being entertain'd for a perfumer, as I was smoaking a
musty roome, comes me the prince and Claudio, hand in
hand in sad conference: I whipt me behind the arras, and there
400heard it agreed vpon, that the prince should wooe Hero for
himselfe, and hauing obtain'd her, giue her to Counte Clau-
Iohn Come, come, let vs thither, this may proue food to my
displeasure, that yong start-vp hath all the glory of my ouer-
405throw: if I can crosse him any way, I blesse my selfe euery way,
you are both sure, and wil assist me.
Conr. To the death my Lord.
Iohn Let vs to the great supper, their cheere is the greater
410that I am subdued, would the cooke were a my mind, shall we
go proue whats to be done?
Bor. Weele wait vpon your lordship.

Enter Leonato, his brother, his wife, Hero his daughter, and
Beatrice his neece, and a kinsman.
Leonato Was not counte Iohn here at supper?
brother I saw him not.
Beatrice How tartely that gentleman lookes, I neuer can see
420him but I am heart-burn'd an hower after.
Hero He is of a very melancholy disposition.
Beatrice He were an excellent man that were made iust in
the mid-way between him and Benedick, the one is too like an
image and saies nothing, and the other too like my ladies eldest
425sonne, euermore tatling.
Leonato Then halfe signior Benedickes tongue in Counte
Iohns mouth, and halfe Counte Iohns melancholy in Signior
Benedickes face.
Beatrice With a good legge and a good foote vnckle, and
430money inough in his purse, such a man would winne any wo-
man in the world if a could get her good will.
Leonato By my troth neece thou wilt neuer get thee a hus-
band, if thou be so shrewd of thy tongue.
brother Infaith shees too curst.
435Beatrice Too curst is more then curst, I shall lessen