Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Not Peer Reviewed

Henry VI, Part 3 (Octavo 1, 1595)

Enter VVarwike and Clarence, with the Crowne, and
then king Henry, and Oxford, and Summerset,
and the yong Earle of Richmond.
King. Thus from the prison to this princelie seat,
By Gods great mercies am I brought
2420Againe, Clarence and VVarwike doe you
Keepe the crowne, and gouerne and protect
My realme in peace, and I will spend the
Remnant of my daies, to sinnes rebuke
2425And my Creators praise.
VVar. What answeres Clarence to his soueraignes will?
Cla. Clarence agrees to what king Henry likes.
2450King. My Lord of Summerset, what prettie
Boie is that you seeme to be so carefull of?
Sum. And it please your grace, it is yong Henry,
Earle of Richmond.
King. Henry of Richmond, Come hither pretie Ladde.
2455If heauenlie powers doe aime aright
To my diuining thoughts, thou pretie boy,
Shalt proue this Countries blisse,
Thy head is made to weare a princelie crowne,
Thy lookes are all repleat with Maiestie,
2460Make much of him my Lords,
For this is he shall helpe you more,
Then you are hurt by me.
Enter one with a letter to Warwike.
War. What Counsell Lords, Edward from Belgia,
With hastie Germaines and blunt Hollanders,
Is past in safetie through the narrow seas,
2605And with his troopes doe march amaine towardes
And manie giddie people follow him.
Oxf. Tis best to looke to this betimes,
For if this fire doe kindle any further,
It will be hard for vs to quench it out.
2610War. In Warwike shire I haue true harted friends,
Not mutinous in peace, yet bold in warre,
Them will I muster vp, and thou sonne Clarence shalt
In Essex, Suffolke, Norfolke, and in Kent,
Stir vp the knights and gentlemen to come with thee.
2615And thou brother Montague, in Leister shire,
Buckingham and Northampton shire shalt finde,
Men well inclinde to doe what thou commands,
And thou braue Oxford wondrous well belou'd,
Shalt in thy countries muster vp thy friends.
2620My soueraigne with his louing Citizens,
Shall rest in London till we come to him.
Faire Lords take leaue and stand not to replie,
2625Farewell my soueraigne.
King. Farewel my Hector, my Troyes true hope.
War. Farewell sweet Lords, lets meet at Couentrie.
All. Agreed.
Exeunt Omnes.