Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Not Peer Reviewed

Henry VI, Part 3 (Octavo 1, 1595)

Enter Gloster, Hastings, and sir VVilliam Stanly.
Glo. Lord Hastings, and sir VVilliam Stanly,
Know that the cause I sent for you is this.
2345I looke my brother with a slender traine,
2350Should come a hunting in this forrest heere.
The Bishop of Yorke befriends him much,
And lets him vse his pleasure in the chase,
Now I haue priuilie sent him word,
How I am come with you to rescue him,
2355And see where the huntsman and he doth come.
Enter Edward and a Huntsman.
Hunts This waie my Lord the deere is gone.
Edw. No this waie huntsman, see where the
Keepers stand. Now brother and the rest,
What, are you prouided to depart?
Glo. I, I, the horse stands at the parke corner,
Come, to Linne, and so take shipping into Flanders.
2375Edw. Come then: Hastings, and Stanlie, I will
Requite your loues. Bishop farewell,
Sheeld thee from Warwikes frowne,
And praie that I maie repossesse the crowne.
Now huntsman what will you doe?
2380Hunts Marrie my Lord, I thinke I had as good
Goe with you, as tarrie heere to be hangde.
Edw. Come then lets awaie with speed.
Exeunt Omnes.