Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Not Peer Reviewed

Henry VI, Part 3 (Octavo 1, 1595)

Yorke, and Henrie the Sixt.
Be resident in men like one another,
And not in me, I am my selfe alone,
3160Clarence beware, thou keptst me from the light
But I will sort a pitchte daie for thee.
For I will buz abroad such prophesies,
As Edward shall be fearefull of his life,
And then to purge his feare, Ile be thy death.
3165Henry and his sonne are gone, thou Clarence next,
And by one and one I will dispatch the rest,
Counting my selfe but bad, till I be best.
Ile drag thy bodie in another roome.
And triumph Henry in thy daie of doome.
Enter king Edward, Queene Elizabeth, and a Nurse
with the young prince, and Clarence, and Hastings, and others.

Edw. Once more we sit in Englands royall throne,
Repurchasde with the bloud of enemies,
What valiant foemen like to Autumnes corne,
3175Haue we mow'd downe in tops of all their pride?
Three Dukes of Summerset, threefold renowmd
For hardie and vndoubted champions.
Two Cliffords, as the father and the sonne,
And two Northumberlands, two brauer men
3180Nere spurd their coursers at the trumpets sound.
With them the two rough Beares Warwike and
That in their chaines fettered the kinglie Lion,
And made the Forrest tremble when they roard,