Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Not Peer Reviewed

Henry VI, Part 3 (Octavo 1, 1595)

The Tragedie of Richard D. of
2875That they doe hold their course towards Tewxburie.
Thither will we for willingnes rids waie,
And in euerie countie as we passe along,
2880Our strengthes shall be augmented.
Come lets goe for if we slacke this faire
Bright Summers daie, sharpe winters
2880Showers will marre our hope for haie.
Ex. Omnes.
Enter the Queene, Prince Edward Oxford and Sum-
merset, with drum and souldiers.
Quee. Welcome to England, my louing friends of Frãce,
And welcome Summerset, and Oxford too.
2885Once more haue we spread our sailes abroad,
And though our tackling be almost consumde,
And Warwike as our maine mast ouerthrowne,
Yet warlike Lords raise you that sturdie post,
That beares the sailes to bring vs vnto rest,
And Ned and I as willing Pilots should
For once with carefull mindes guide on the sterne,
To beare vs through that dangerous gulfe
2905That heretofore hath swallowed vp our friends.
Prince. And if there be, as God forbid there should,
Amongst vs a timorous or fearefull man,
Let him depart before the battels ioine,
Least he in time of need intise another,
2930And so withdraw the souldiers harts from vs,
I will not stand aloofe and bid you fight,
2930But with my sword presse in the thickest thronges,
And single Edward from his strongest guard,
And hand to hand enforce him for to yeeld,
Or leaue my bodie as witnesse of my thoughts.
Oxf. Women and children of so high resolue,