Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Not Peer Reviewed

Henry VI, Part 3 (Octavo 1, 1595)

Yorke, and Henrie the Sixt.
Awaie with him, I will not heare him speake.
And now towards Couentrie let vs bend our course
2665To meet with Warwike and his confederates.
Exeunt Omnes.
Enter Warwike on the walles.
War. Where is the post that came from valiant Oxford?
2675How farre hence is thy Lord my honest fellow?
Oxf post. By this at Daintrie marching hitherward.
War. Where is our brother Montague?
Where is the post that came from Montague?
Post. I left him at Donsmore with his troopes.
War. Say Summerfield where is my louing son?
And by thy gesse, how farre is Clarence hence?
Sommer. At Southham my Lord I left him with
His force, and doe expect him two houres hence.
2685War. Then Oxford is at hand, I heare his drum.
Enter Edward and his power.
Glo. See brother, where the surly Warwike mans the wal.
War. O vnbid spight, is spotfull Edward come!
2695Where slept our scouts or how are they seduste,
That we could haue no newes of their repaire?
Edw. Now Warwike wilt thou be sorrie for thy faults,
And call Edward king and he will pardon thee.
War. Naie rather wilt thou draw thy forces backe?
Confesse who set thee vp and puld thee downe?
Call Warwike patron and be penitent,
And thou shalt still remaine the Duke of Yorke.
2705Glo. I had thought at least he would haue said the king.
Or did he make the iest against his will.
War. Twas Warwike gaue the kingdome to thy brother.
Edw. Why then tis mine, if but by Warwikes gift.