Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Not Peer Reviewed

Henry VI, Part 3 (Octavo 1, 1595)

The Tragedie of Richard D. of
How now Richard, who is this?
Rich. Brother, this is sir Iohn Mountgommery,
A trustie friend vnlesse I be deceiude.
2545Edw. Welcome sir Iohn. Wherfore come you in armes?
Sir Iohn. To helpe king Edward in this time of stormes,
As euerie loyall subiect ought to doe.
Edw. Thankes braue Mountgommery,
2550But I onlie claime my Dukedom,
Vntil it please God to send the rest.
Sir Iohn. Then fare you wel: Drum strike vp and let vs
March away, I came to serue a king and not a Duke.
Edw. Nay staie sir Iohn, and let vs first debate,
With what security we maie doe this thing.
Sir Iohn. What stand you on debating, to be briefe,
2560Except you presently proclaime your selfe our king,
Ile hence againe, and keepe them backe that come to
Succour you, why should we fight when
You pretend no title?
Rich. Fie brother, fie, stand you vpon tearmes?
2565Resolue your selfe, and let vs claime the crowne.
Edw. I am resolude once more to claime the crowne,
And win it too, or else to loose my life.
Sir Iohn. I now my soueraigne speaketh like himselfe,
And now will I be Edwards Champion,
Sound Trumpets, for Edward shall be proclaimd.
Edward the fourth by the grace of God, king of England
2580and France, and Lord of Ireland, and whosoeuer gain-
2580saies king Edwards right: by this I challenge him to
2580single fight, long liue Edward the fourth.
All. Long liue Edward the fourth.
Edw. We thanke you all. Lord Maire leade on the waie.