Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Not Peer Reviewed

Henry VI, Part 3 (Octavo 1, 1595)

Yorke, and Henrie the Sixt.
Go tell false Edward thy supposed king,
That Lewis of France is sending ouer Maskers,
To reuill it with him and his new bride.
2125Edw. Is Lewis so braue, belike he thinkes me Henry.
But what said Lady Bona to these wrongs?
Mes. Tel him quoth she, in hope heele proue a widdow-
er shortly, Ile weare the willow garland for his sake.
2130Edw. She had the wrong, indeed she could saie
Little lesse. But what saide Henries Queene, for as
I heare, she was then in place?
Mes. Tell him quoth shee my mourning weeds be
2135Doone, and I am readie to put armour on.
Edw. Then belike she meanes to plaie the Amazon.
But what said Warwike to these iniuries?
Mes. He more incensed then the rest my Lord,
Tell him quoth he, that he hath done me wrong,
2140And therefore Ile vncrowne him er't be long.
Ed. Ha, Durst the traytor breath out such proude words?
But I will arme me to preuent the worst.
2145But what is Warwike friendes with Margaret?
Mes. I my good Lord, theare so linkt in friendship,
That young Prince Edward marries Warwikes daughter.
Cla. The elder, belike Clarence shall haue the
2155Yonger. All you that loue me and Warwike
Follow me.
Exit Clarence and Summerset.
2160Edw. Clarence and Summerset fled to Warwike.
What saie you brother Richard, will you stand to vs?
Glo. I my Lord, in despight of all that shall
Withstand you For why hath Nature
Made me halt downe right, but that I
Should be valiant and stand to it, for if