Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Not Peer Reviewed

Henry VI, Part 3 (Octavo 1, 1595)

The Tragedie of Richard D. of
And bewray thy treasons with a blush?
War. Can Oxford that did euer fence the right,
Now buckler falshood with a pettigree?
1835For shame leaue Henry and call Edward king.
Oxf. Call him my king by whom mine elder
Brother the Lord Aubray Vere was done to death,
And more than so, my father euen in the
Downefall of his mellowed yeares,
1840When age did call him to the dore of death?
No Warwike no, whilst life vpholds this arme,
This arme vpholds the house of Lancaster.
War. And I the house of Yorke.
K Lewes. Queene Margaret, prince Edward and
1845Oxford, vouchsafe to forbeare a while,
Till I doe talke a word with Warwike.
1850Now Warwike euen vpon thy honor tell me true;
Is Edward lawfull king or no?
For I were loath to linke with him, that is not lawful heir.
War. Thereon I pawne mine honour and my credit.
1855Lew. What is he gratious in the peoples eies?
War. The more, that Henry is vnfortunate.
Lew. What is his loue to our sister Bona?
1860War. Such it seemes
As maie beseeme a monarke like himselfe.
My selfe haue often heard him saie and sweare,
That this his loue was an eternall plant,
The root whereof was fixt in vertues ground,
1865The leaues and fruite maintainde with beauties sun,
Exempt from enuie, but not from disdaine,
Vnlesse the ladie Bona quite his paine.
Lew. Then sister let vs heare your firme resolue.