Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Not Peer Reviewed

Henry VI, Part 3 (Octavo 1, 1595)

The Tragedie of Richard D. of
Your welcome to Sandall in an happie houre,
The armie of the Queene meanes to besiedge vs.
Sir Iohn. Shee shall not neede my Lorde, weele meete
385her in the field.
York What with fiue thousand souldiers vncle?
Rich. I father, with fiue hundred for a need,
A womans generall, what should you feare?
395York. Indeed, manie braue battels haue I woon
In Normandie, when as the enimie
Hath bin ten to one, and why should I now doubt
Of the like successe? I am resolu'd. Come lets goe.
Edw. Lets martch awaie, I heare their drums.
Alarmes, and then Enter the yong Earle of
Rutland and his Tutor.
Tutor. Oh flie my Lord, lets leaue the Castell,
And flie to Wakefield straight.
Enter Clifford.
Rut. O Tutor, looke where bloudie Clifford comes.
Clif. Chaplin awaie, thy Priesthood saues thy life,
As for the brat of that accursed Duke
405Whose father slew my father, he shall die.
Tutor Oh Clifford spare this tender Lord, least
Heauen reuenge it on thy head: Oh saue his life.
Clif. Soldiers awaie and drag him hence perforce:
Awaie with the villaine.
Exit the Chaplein.
410How now, what dead alreadie? or is it feare that
Makes him close his eies? Ile open them.
Rut. So lookes the pent vp Lion on the lambe,