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Author: William Shakespeare
Not Peer Reviewed

Henry VI, Part 2 (Quarto 1, 1594)

Houses, of Yorke and Lancaster.
Humph. Pardon my Lord, a sodain qualme came ouer my hart,
Which dimmes mine eyes that I can reade no more.
Vnckle of Winchester, I pray you reade on.
Cardinall. Item, It is further agreed betweene them, that the
Duches of Anioy and of Mayne, shall be released and deliue-
65red ouer to the King her father, & she sent ouer of the King
of Englands owne proper cost and charges without dowry.
King. They please vs well, Lord Marquesse kneele downe, We
here create thee first Duke of Suffolke, & girt thee with the
70sword. Cosin of Yorke, We here discharge your grace from
being Regent in the parts of France, till terme of 18. months
be full expirde.
Thankes vnckle VVinchester, Gloster, Yorke, and Buckingham, So-
75merset, Salsbury and VVarwicke.
We thanke you all for this great fauour done,
In entertainment to my Princely Queene,
Come let vs in, and with all speed prouide
To see her Coronation be performde.
Exet King, Queene, and Suffolke, and Duke
Humphrey staies all the rest.
Humphrey. Braue Peeres of England, Pillars of the state,
To you Duke Humphrey must vnfold his griefe,
85What did my brother Henry toyle himselfe,
And waste his subiects for to conquere France?
90And did my brother Bedford spend his time
To keepe in awe that stout vnruly Realme?
95And haue not I and mine vnckle Bewford here,
Done all we could to keepe that land in peace?
And is all our labours then spent in vaine,
102.1For Suffolke he, the new made Duke that rules the roast,
Hath giuen away for our King Henries Queene,
The Dutches of Anioy and Mayne vnto her father.
Ah Lords, fatall is this marriage canselling our states,
Reuersing Monuments of conquered France,
110Vndoing all, as none had nere bene done.
Card. Why how now cosin Gloster, what needs this?