Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Not Peer Reviewed

Henry VI, Part 2 (Quarto 1, 1594)

Houses, of Yorke and Lancaster.
2532.1King. Sir Humphrey Stafford and his brother is slaine,
And the Rebels march amaine to London,
Go back to them, and tell them thus from me.
2545Ile come and parley with their generall.
Reade. Yet staie, ile reade the Letter one againe.
Lord Say, Iacke Cade hath solemnely vowde to haue thy head.
Say. I, but I hope your highnesse shall haue his.
King. How now Madam, still lamenting and mourning for Suf
folkes death, I feare my loue, if I had bene dead, thou wouldst not
haue mournde so much for me.
Queene. No my loue, I should not mourne, but die for thee.
Enter a Messenger.
Messen. Oh flie my Lord, the Rebels are entered
Southwarke, and haue almost wonne the Bridge,
Calling your grace an vsurper,
2566.1And that monstrous Rebell Cade, hath sworne
To Crowne himselfe King in Westminster,
2575Therefore flie my Lord, and poste to Killingworth.
2575.1King. Go bid Buckingham and Clifford, gather
An Army vp, and meete with the Rebels.
2580Come Madame, let vs haste to Killingworth.
Come on Lord Say, go thou along with vs,
2579.1For feare the Rebell Cade do finde thee out.
Say. My innocence my Lord shall pleade for me.
And therfore with your highnesse leaue, ile staie behind.
2583.1King. Euen as thou wilt my Lord Say.
Come Madame, let vs go.
Exet omnes.
Enter the Lord Skayles vpon the Tower
walles walking.
Enter three or foure Citizens below.
2600Lord Scayles. How now, is Iacke Cade slaine?
I. Citizen. No my Lord, nor likely to be slaine,
For they haue wonne the bridge,
Killing all those that withstand them.
The Lord Mayor craueth ayde of your honor from the Tower,
2605To defend the Citie from the Rebels.
Lord Scayles. Such aide as I can spare, you shall command,