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Author: William Shakespeare
Not Peer Reviewed

Henry VI, Part 2 (Quarto 1, 1594)

The first part of the contention of the two famous
1015of Clarence, the third sonne to Edward the third. Now sir. In the
980time of Richards raigne, Henry of Bullingbrooke, sonne and heire
to Iohn of Gaunt, the Duke of Lancaster fourth sonne to Edward
the third, he claimde the Crowne, deposde the Merthfull King, and
985as both you know, in Pomphret Castle harmelesse Richard was
shamefully murthered, and so by Richards death came the house of
Lancaster vnto the Crowne.
1000Sals. Sauing your tale my Lord, as I haue heard, in the raigne
of Bullenbrooke, the Duke of Yorke did claime the Crowne, and
but for Owin Glendor, had bene King.
1002.1Yorke. True. But so it fortuned then, by meanes of that mon-
strous rebel Glendor, the noble Duke of York was done to death,
and so euer since the heires of Iohn of Gaunt haue possessed the
Crowne. But if the issue of the elder should sucseed before the is-
1002.5sue of the yonger, then am I lawfull heire vnto the kingdome.
VVarwicke. What plaine proceedings can be more plaine, hee
claimes it from Lyonel Duke of Clarence, the third sonne to Ed-
ward the third, and Henry from Iohn of Gaunt the fourth sonne.
1020So that till Lyonels issue failes, his should not raigne. It failes not
yet, but florisheth in thee & in thy sons, braue slips of such a stock.
Then noble father, kneele we both togither, and in this priuate
place, be we the first to honor him with birthright to the Crown.
Both. Long liue Richard Englands royall King.
Yorke. I thanke you both. But Lords I am not your King vntil
1030this sword be sheathed euen in the hart blood of the house of Lan-
1032.1VVar. Then Yorke aduise thy selfe and take thy time,
Claime thou the Crowne, and set thy standard vp,
And in the same aduance the milke-white Rose,
And then to gard it, will I rouse the Beare,
1032.5Inuiron'd with ten thousand Ragged-staues
To aide and helpe thee for to win thy right,
Maugre the proudest Lord of Henries blood,
That dares deny the right and claime of Yorke,
1045For why my minde presageth I shall liue
To see the noble Duke of Yorke to be a King.
Yorke. Thanks noble Warwicke, and Yorke doth hope to see,
The Earle of Warwicke liue, to be the greatest man in England,