Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Rosemary Gaby
Not Peer Reviewed

Henry IV, Part 2 (Quarto 1, 1598).

Henry the fourth.
caliuer into Warts hand Bardolfe.
Bar. Hold Wart, trauers thas, thas, thas.
1805Fal. Come mannage me your caliuer: so, very wel, go to, very
good, exceeding good, O giue me alwaies a little leane, olde
chopt Ballde, shot: well said yfaith Wart, th'art a good scab,
hold, theres a tester for thee.
Shal. He is not his crafts-master, he doth not do it right; I
1810remember at Mile-end-greene, when I lay at Clements Inne,
I was then sir Dagonet in Arthurs show, there was a little
quiuer fellow, and a would mannage you his peece thus, and a
would about and about, and come you in, and come you in,
1815rah, tah, tah, would a say, bounce would a say, and away again
would a go, and againe would a come: I shall nere see such a
Fal. These fellowes wooll doe well M. Shallow, God keep
you M. Scilens, I will not vse many words with you, fare you
1820wel gentlemen both, I thank you, I must a dosen mile to night:
Bardolfe, giue the souldiers coates.
Shal. Sir Iohn, the Lord blesse you, God prosper your af-
faires, God send vs peace at your returne, visit our house, let
1825our old acquaintance be renewed, peraduenture I will with ye
to the court.
Fal. Fore God would you would.
Shal. Go to, I haue spoke at a word, God keep you.
1830Fal. Fare you well gentle gentlemen.
1830Shal. On Bardolfe, leade the men away, as I returne I will
fetch off these iustices, I do see the bottome of iustice Shallow,
Lord, Lord, how subiect we old men are to this vice of lying,
this same staru'd iustice hath done nothing but prate to me,
1835of the wildnesse of his youth, and the feates he hath done a-
bout Turne-bull street, and euery third word a lie, dewer paid
to the hearer then the Turkes tribute, I doe remember him
at Clements Inne, like a man made after supper of a cheese pa-
ring, when a was naked, he was for all the worlde like a forkt
reddish, with a head fantastically carued vpon it with a knife,
a was so forlorne, that his demensions to any thicke sight were