Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Not Peer Reviewed

Henry VI, Part 1 (Folio 1, 1623)

Enter on the Walls, Puzel,Dolphin, Reigneir,
Alanson, and Souldiers.
Puzel. Aduance our wauing Colours on the Walls,
Rescu'd is Orleance from the English.
Thus Ioane de Puzel hath perform'd her word.
Dolph. Diuinest Creature,Astrea's Daughter,
645How shall I honour thee for this successe?
Thy promises are like Adonis Garden,
That one day bloom'd,and fruitfull were the next.
France,triumph in thy glorious Prophetesse,
Recouer'd is the Towne of Orleance,
650More blessed hap did ne're befall our State.
Reigneir. Why ring not out the Bells alowd,
Throughout the Towne?
Dolphin command the Citizens make Bonfires,
And feast and banquet in the open streets,
655To celebrate the ioy that God hath giuen vs.
Alans. All France will be repleat with mirth and ioy,
When they shall heare how we haue play'd the men.
Dolph. 'Tis Ioane,not we,by whom the day is wonne:
For which,I will diuide my Crowne with her,
660And all the Priests and Fryers in my Realme,
Shall in procession sing her endlesse prayse.
A statelyer Pyramis to her Ile reare,
Then Rhodophe's or Memphis euer was.
In memorie of her,when she is dead,
665Her Ashes,in an Vrne more precious
Then the rich-iewel'd Coffer of Darius,
Transported,shall be at high Festiuals
Before the Kings and Queenes of France.
No longer on Saint Dennis will we cry,
670But Ioane de Puzel shall be France's Saint.
Come in,and let vs Banquet Royally,
After this Golden Day of Victorie.
Flourish. Exeunt.