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Author: Rosemary Gaby
Peer Reviewed

Henry IV, Part 1: List of Characters

1King, Henry IV, formerly Henry Bolingbroke
Prince, Henry the Prince of Wales, mostly called Hal and sometimes Harry.
Lancaster, Prince John, Hal's younger brother.
Westmorland, Earl of Westmorland, loyal to the King
5Blunt, Sir Walter Blunt, a nobleman loyal to the King

Northumberland, Henry Percy, the first Earl of Northumberland, opposed to the King
Hotspur, Harry Percy, eldest son of Northumberland
Worcester, Thomas Percy, Earl of Worcester, younger brother to Northumberland
Lady Percy, also called "Kate," Hotspur's wife and sister to Mortimer.
10Mortimer, Edmund Mortimer, Lady Percy's brother and husband to Glendower's daughter.
Glendower, Owen Glendower, Welsh leader allied with the Percys
Lady Mortimer, Glendower's daughter married to Mortimer
Douglas, Archibald, Earl of Douglas, also called "the Douglas," allied with the Percys
Vernon, Sir Richard Vernon, allied with the Percys
15Archbishop, Richard Scrope, Archbishop of York, allied with the Percys
Sir Michael, a follower of the Archbishop

Falstaff, Sir John Falstaff, companion to Prince Hal
Poins, also called "Ned" and "Yedward," companion to Prince Hal
Peto, companion to Prince Hal
20Bardolph, companion to Prince Hal
Gadshill, a thief
Vintner, a tavern keeper
Hostess, Mistress Quickly, the tavern landlady
Francis, a "drawer" (barman) apprenticed to the Vintner
25Chamberlain, a servant at the inn in Rochester
First Carrier
Second Carrier
Ostler, a stable-hand
Servant to Hotspur
Lords, Officers, Soldiers, Attendants