Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Rosemary Gaby
Not Peer Reviewed

Henry IV, Part 1 (Quarto 1, 1598)

of Henrie the fourth.
2970The Prince of Wales from such a field as this,
Where staind nobilitie lies troden on,
And rebels armes triumphe in massacres.
Ioh. We breath toolong, come coosen Westmerland
Our dutie this way lies: For Gods sake come.
2975Prin. By God thou hast deceiu'd me Lancaster,
I did not thinke thee Lord of such a spirit,
Before I lou'd thee as a brother Iohn,
But now I do respect thee as my soule.
King. I saw him hold Lord Percy at the poynt,
2980With lustier maintenance then I did looke for
Of such an vngrowne warrior.
Prin. O this boy lends mettall to vs all.
Doug. Another king, they grow like Hydraes heads,
2985I am the Douglas fatall to all those
That weare those colours on them. What art thou
That counterfetst the person of a King?
King. The king himself, who Douglas grieues at hart,
So many of his shadowes thou hast met
2990And not the verie king, I haue two boies
Seeke Percy and thy selfe about the field,
But seeing thou falst on me so luckily
I will assay thee and defend thy selfe.
Doug. I feare thou art another counterfet,
2995And yet in faith thou bearest thee like a king,
But mine I am sure thou art who ere thou be,
And thus I winne thee.
They fight, the king being in danger, Enter Prince of Wales.
Prin. Hold vp thy head vile Scot, or thou art like
3000Neuer to hold it vp againe, the spirits
Of Valiant Sherly, Stafford, Blunt are in my armes,
It is the Prince of Wales that threatens thee,
Who neuer promiseth but he meanes to pay.
They fight, Douglas flieth.
3005Cheerly my Lord, how fares your grace?
Sir Nicholas Gawsey hath for succour sent,
And so hath Clifton, ile to Clifton straight.
King. Stay and breath a while,