Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Rosemary Gaby
Not Peer Reviewed

Henry IV, Part 1 (Quarto 1, 1598)

The Historie
hot as molten lead, & as heauie too: God keepe leade out of me,
I need no more weight then mine owne bowels. I haue led my
rag of Muffins where they are pepperd, theres not three of my
150. left aliue, and they are for the townes ende, to beg during
life: but who comes here?
Enter the Prince.
Prin. What, stands thou idle here? lend me thy sword,
2935Many a noble man lies starke and stiffe,
Vnder the hoofes of vaunting enemies,
whose deaths are yet vnreuengd, I preethe lend mee thy sword.
Falst. O Hal, I preethe giue me leaue to breath a while, Turke
Gregorie neuer did such deeds in armes as I haue don this day,
2940I haue paid Percy, I haue made him sure.
Prin. He is indeed, and liuing to kill thee:
I preethe lend me thy sword.
Fal. Nay before God Hal, if Percy be aliue thou gets not my
sword, but take my pistoll if thou wilt.
2945Prin. Giue it me, what? is it in the case?
Falst. I Hal, tis hot, tis hot, theres that will sacke a Citie.
The Prince drawes it out, and finds it to be a bottle of Sacke.
Prin. What is it a time to iest and dally now?
He throwes the bottle at him. Exit.
2950Falst. Well if Percy be aliue, ile pierce him; if hee doe come in
my way so, if he doe not, if I come in his willingly, let him make
a Carbonado of me. I like not such grinning honour as sir Wal-
ter hath, giue me life, which if I can saue, so: if not, honor comes
vnlookt for, and theres an end.

Alarme, excursions. Enter the King, the Prince, Lord Iohn
of Lancaster, Earle of Westmerland.
2960King. I preethe Harry withdraw thy selfe, thou bleedest too
Lord Iohn of Lancaster go you with him.
P.Iohn. Not I my Lord, vnlesse I did bleed too.
Prin. I beseech your maiestie make vp,
Least your retirement do amaze your friends.
2965King. I will do so. My Lord of Westmerland lead him to his
West. Come my Lord, ile lead you to your tent.
Prin. Lead me my Lord? I do not need your helpe,
And God forbid a shallow scratch should driue