Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Rosemary Gaby
Not Peer Reviewed

Henry IV, Part 1 (Quarto 1, 1598)

The Historie.
A poore vnminded outlaw sneaking home,
My father gaue him welcome to the shore:
And when he heard him sweare and vow to God,
2530He came but to be Duke of Lancaster,
To sue his liuery, and beg his peace
With teares of innocencie, and tearmes of zeale,
My father in kinde heart and pitie mou'd,
Swore him assistance, and performd it too.
2535Now when the Lords and Barons of the realme,
Perceiu'd Northumberland did leane to him,
The more and lesse came in with cap and knee,
Met him in Borroughs, Cities, Villages,
Attended him on bridges, stoode in lanes,
2540Laid gifts before him, profferd him their oathes,
Gaue him their heires, as Pages followed him,
Euen at the heeles, in golden multitudes,
He presently, as greatnesse knowes it selfe,
Steps me a little higher then his vow
2545Made to my father while his blood was poore
Vpon the naked shore at Rauenspurgh,
And now forsooth takes on him to reforme
Some certaine edicts, and some streight decrees,
That lie too heauie on the Common-wealth,
2550 Cries out vpon abuses, seemes to weepe
Ouer his Countrey wrongs, and by this face
This seeming brow of iustice did he winne
The hearts of all that he did angle for:
Proceeded further, cut me off the heads
2555Of all the fauourits that the absent king
In deputation left behind him here,
When he was personall in the Irish warre.
Blunt. Tut, I came not to heare this.
Hot. Then to the poynt.
2560In short time after he deposd the king,
Soone after that depriu'd him of his life,
And in the necke of that taskt the whole state,
To make that woorse, suffred his kinsman March
(Who is if euerie owner were well plac'd