Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Rosemary Gaby
Not Peer Reviewed

Henry IV, Part 1 (Quarto 1, 1598)

The History
Harry to Harry shal hot horse to horse,
2355Meete and neare part til one drop down a coarse,
Oh that Glendower were come.
Ver. There is more newes,
I learnd in Worcester as I rode along,
He can draw his power this fourteene daies.
2360Doug. Thats the worst tidings that I heare of it.
Wor. I by my faith, that beares a frosty sound.
Hot. What may the kings whole battel reach vnto?
2365Ver. To thirty thousand.
Hot. Forty let it be,
My father and Glendower being both away,
The powers of vs may serue so great a day,
Come let vs take a muster speedily,
2370Doomes day is neare, die all, die merely.
Doug. Talke not of dying, I am out of feare
Of death or deaths hand for this one halfe yeare.
Enter Falstalffe, Bardoll.
Falst. Bardol get thee before to Couentry, fill me a bottle of
Sacke, our souldiors shall march through. Weele to Sutton cop-
hill to night.
Bar. Will you giue me money captaine?
2380Fal. Lay out, lay out.
Bar. This bottell makes an angel.
Fal. And if it do, take it for thy labour, and if it make twenty
take them all, ile answere the coynage, bid my Liuetenant Peto
meet me at townes end.
2385Bar. I will captaine, farewell.
Fal. If I be not ashamed of my soldiours, I am a souct gurnet,
I haue misused the kinges presse damnablie. I haue got in ex-
change of 150. soldiours 300. and odde poundes. I presse me
2390none but good houshoulders, Yeomans sonnes, inquire me out
contracted batchelers, such as had been askt twice on the banes,
such a commodity of warme slaues, as had as lieue heare the
Diuell as a drumme, such as feare the report of a Caliuer, worse
then a strucke foule, or a hurt wild ducke: I prest mee none but
2395such tostes and butter with hearts in their bellies no bigger then
pinnes heades, and they haue bought out their seruices, and