Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Rosemary Gaby
Not Peer Reviewed

Henry IV, Part 1 (Quarto 1, 1598)

of Henrie the fourth.
1045to the guests within. My Lord, old sir Iohn with halfe a douzen
more are at the doore, shal I let them in?
Pri. Let them alone awhile, and then open the doore: Poines.
Poi. Anon, anon sir.
Enter Poines.
Prince. Sirrha, Falstalffe and the rest of the theeues are at the
doore, shall we be merrie?
Po. As merry as Crickets my lad, but harke ye, what cunning
1055match haue you made with this iest of the Drawer: come whats
the issue?
Prin. I am now of all humors, that haue shewed themselues
humors since the oulde dayes of good man Adam, to the pupill
age of this present twelue a clocke at midnight. Whats a clocke
Fran. Anon, anon sir.
Pr. That euer this fellowe should haue fewer wordes then a
Parrat, and yet the sonne of a woman. His industrie is vp staires
and down staires, his eloquence the parcel of a reckoning. I am
1065not yet of Percyes minde, the Hotspur of the North, he that kils
mee some sixe or seuen douzen of Scots at a breakefast: washes
his handes, and saies to his wife, fie vpon this quiet life, I want
worke. O my sweet Harry saies she! how manie hast thou kild
to day? Giue my roane horse a drench (sayes hee) and aun-
1070sweres some foureteene, an houre after: a trifle, a trifle. I preethe
call in Falstalffe, ile play Percy, and that damnde brawne shall
play dame Mortimer his wife. Riuo saies the drunkarde: call in
Ribs, cal in Tallow.

Enter Falstaffe.

Poin. Welcome Iacke, where hast thou bin?
Falst. A plague of al cowards I say, and a vengeance too, mar-
ry and Amen: giue me a cup of sacke boy. Eare I lead this life
long, ile sow neatherstocks and mend them, and foote them too.
1080A plague of all cowards. Giue me a cup of sacke rogue, is there
no vertue extant?
he drinketh.
Prin. Didst thou neuer see Titan kisse a dish of butter, pittifull
harted Titan that melted at the sweet tale of the sonnes, if thou
didst, then behold that compound.