Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Rosemary Gaby
Peer Reviewed

Henry IV, Part 1 (Quarto 0, 1598)

of Henrie the fourth.
680[t]hey will along with companie, for they haue great charge.
Enter Chamberlaine,
Gad. What ho: Chamberlaine.
Cham. At hand quoth pickepurse.
685Gad. Thats euen as faire as at hand quoth the Chamberlaine:
for thou variest no more from picking of purses, then giuing di-
rection doth from labouring: thou layest the plot how.
Cham: Good morrow maister Gadshil, it holdes currant that
690I tolde you yesternight, ther's a Frankelin in the wild of Kent
hath brought three hundred Markes with him in golde, I heard
him tell it to one of his company last night at supper, a kinde of
Auditor, one that hath abundance of charge too, God knowes
what, they are vp alreadie, and call for Egges and Butter, they
695will away presently.
Gad: Sirrha, if they meete not with Saint Nicholas clearkes,
[ile] giue thee this necke.
Cham. No, ile none of it, I pray thee keepe that for the hang-
700[ma]n, for I know thou worshippest Saine Nicholas, as trulie as
[a] man of falshood may.
Ga. What talkest thou to me of the h|~a|gman? if I hang, ile make
a fat paire of Gallowes: for if I hang, olde sir Iohn hangs with
me, and thou knowest he is no starueling: tut, there are other
705Troyans that thou dreamst not of, the which for sport sake
are content to do the profession, some grace, that would (if mat-
ters should be lookt into) for their owne credit sake make all
whole.I am ioyned with no footland rakers, no long-staffe six-
710pennie strikers, none of these mad mustachio purplehewd malt-
worms, but with nobilitie, & tranquilitie, Burgomasters & great
Oneyres, such as can hold in such as wil strike sooner then speak,
and speake sooner then drinke, and drinke sooner then pray, and
yet (zoundes) I lie, for they pray continually to their Saint the
715Common-wealth, or rather not pray to her, but pray on her, for
they ride vp and downe on her, and make her their bootes.
Cham. What, the Common-wealth their bootes? will shee
hold out water in foule way?
720Gad. She will, she will, Iustice hath liquord her: wee steale as
in a Castell cocksure: we haue the receyte of Ferneseede, wee