Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Rosemary Gaby
Peer Reviewed

Henry IV, Part 1 (Quarto 0, 1598)

The Hystorie
1 Car. I preethe Tom beat Cuts saddle, put a few flockes in
640the point, poore iade is wroong in the withers, out of all cesse.
Enter another Carier.
2 Car. Pease and beanes are as danke here as a dog, and that
is the next way to giue poore iades the bottes: this house is tur-
645ned vpside downe since Robin Ostler died.
1 Car. Poore fellow neuer ioyed since the prise of Oates rose,
it was the death of him.
2 Car. I thinke this bee the most villainous house in all Lon-
650don road for fleas, I am stung like a Tench.
1 Car. Like a Tench, by the Masse there is nere a King chri-
sten could be better bit then I haue bin since the first cocke.
2 Car. Why, they will allowe vs nere a Iordan, and then
655we leake in your Chimney, and your chamber-lie breedes fleas
like a loach.
1 Car. What Ostler, come away and be hangd, come away.
2 Car. I haue a gammon of bacon, and two razes of Gin-
660ger, to be deliuered as far as Charing Crosse.
1 Car. Gods bodie, the Turkies in my Panier are quite star-
ued: what Ostler? a plague on thee, hast thou neuer an eie in thy
heade? canst not heare, and twere not as good deed as drinke to
break the pate on thee, I am a verie villain, come and be hangd,
665hast no faith in thee?
Enter Gadshill:
Gadshill. Good morrow Cariers, whats a clocke?
Car: I thinke it be two a clocke.
Gad: I preethe lend me thy lanterne, to see my gelding in the
1 Car: Nay by God soft, I knowe a trike worth two of that
I fayth.
Gad: I pray thee lend me thine.
2 Car. I when canst tell? lend mee thy lanterne (quoth he)
675marry ile see thee hangd first.
Gad. Sirrha Carrier, what time do you meane to come to
2 Car. Time enough to go to bed with a candle, I warrant
thee, come neighbour Mugs, weele call vp the Gentlemen,