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A Shakespeare Suite: A CD-ROM


Have you yearned to direct a Shakespeare play? Do you wonder what life was really like for Shakespeare and his contemporaries? Are you seeking a lifetime of Shakespeare learning in one resource?

A Shakespeare Suite brings together three areas to explore:

  1. Scenario: a program that brings Shakespeare from page to stage as you interactively "block" a scene from one of his tragedies [More...]
  2. A multimedia library on Shakespeare's Life and Times [More...]
  3. Texts of the plays, including three of his most famous plays as they were first printed. [More...]

Whether you are a student, scholar or Shakespeare enthusiast, this CD-ROM will provide you with an exciting way to learn about his world and plays.

A Shakespeare Suite allows you to develop your own understanding of the man Shakespeare, the world he lived in, the stage his plays were performed on, and the way his plays were preserved for us in print. Each section of this CD-ROM is accompanied by a description of the resources it provides, and a series of suggestions on how it can be used in the classroom or the home.

Click on the links to the left to go to a fuller description of these resources, and here to see the list of system requirements.

A Shakespeare Suite is published by the Internet Shakespeare Editions.


About A Shakespeare Suite | System Requirements

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The Internet Shakespeare Editions is a non-profit organization. All proceeds from the CD-ROM go to research and development.