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Pandosto: A Note on the Text

By Alan Galey

The base text for this edtion was scanned from Greene, Robert. "Pandosto: the Triumph of Time." Narrative and Dramatic Sources of Shakespeare. Geoffery Bullough, ed. Vol. 8. New York: Columbia University Press, 1975. pp. 156-199. University of Victoria call number PR2952 B8 v.8. Bullough based his edition mainly on the B.M. copy of 1588 and used the Folger 1592 copy where the 1588 is missing Signature B. The splice is indicated in Bullough's footnotes and explained in his introduction (p. 118). The reel numbers for the microfilm versions are 344 (the 1595 edition) and 546 (the 1588 edition).

The scan from Bullough's 1588-based edition was checked against a photocopy of the 1595 version and corrected to match the 1595. The corrections include the following editorial changes:

Scanning, proofing, and some annotations from 1595 edition by Alan Galey, University of Victoria, July-August 1997.

The text of Pandosto